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When You Cry
Can´t Talk To You
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Rocket Machine Gun
Killer Inside
Something Better (DEMO Acoustic)
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A wise man once said (Alter ego - moi!), “…in order to become a truly great musician it is important to keep an open mind towards all sides of the musical spectrum. By avoiding other types of music than your own it is very easy to condemn oneself to eternal monotony and musical stagnation.” Unfortunately this is a mistake made by a great deal of bands today.

This is not the case for Swedish rock band Krim. Formed in 1996 the bands members take their influences from all quarters. Dance music, grunge, classic hard rock and classical chamber music all play a part in the making of Krim’s material. The result is a distinctive sound built on a combination of catchy hooks, heavy guitar riffs and gripping vocals, resulting in music that sticks to your mind like a pubescent dream – and we all know how that is.

When hearing Krim for the first time you can’t help yourself – you’re left with only one option – to crank up the volume and ROCK!

The original Krim concoction came about when Mats Lilja and Bobby Eriksson joined forces seven years ago. Bobby, with his roots in dance music and disco and Mats, with a grunge filled history of distorting Nirvana/Pearl Jam cover bands, could only mean one thing. A musical churning process with strong focus on melodies and chords drenched in spine-tingling, schwepperescent rock.

Mats Lilja commented on the beginnings of a band saying,

”The whole thing started on a very basic level. Most of the music was made using Bobby’s computer – synthesized bass, drum machine, the only thing analogue was my guitar… I don’t think that the music itself was very different though - it was just made using simpler equipment. But as all of us are really hard rock junkies it didn’t take long before we got proper equipment so we could produce the right souped up Krim sound”

Making good studio material was all good and well, but soon enough the burning urge to get on a stage became too strong and this lead to the inclusion of drummer Pierre Stensson and guitar player Sigvard Järrebring. Inspired by his favourite band Thin Lizzy, Pierre started to beat the skins like a mad man, and the drum machine was thrown out the window. Sigge, a poor student who just graduated from school as a chamber musician, jumped the opportunity to join the band without hesitation. As a huge fan of Lenny Kravitz he added soul and rhythm, essential ingredients in the Krim sound today. And with a second guitarist, Krim was finally brought to life.

At the end of 1997 the now complete Krim recorded a promotion demo at MX Studios in their hometown of Alingsås, Sweden. This first tentative step towards fame was later to be reviewed as "The best surprise of the Gothenburg convention" the biggest Swedish music seminar held in Gothenburg during ‘98.

Later that same year and with their confidence boosted – Krim financed and pressed 500 copies of that same promotion CD. Much to their surprise - and satisfaction - the whole lot was gone within a matter of days.

“All four of us are tuned to the same musical frequency – looking to produce American guitar based rock with extremely solid melodies. You could almost call our music heavy pop if you wanted to. Most of our inspiration comes from US bands, for the simple reason that rock is alive and kicking there, whereas the European rock scene by comparison is tiny. Then again we don’t have any specified sources from which we draw our inspiration. The whole thing just feeds itself, we inspire each other and the music just grows.

With the accolade brought on by the first demo fresh in mind, Krim ventured into the studio for the second time at the end of 1998. The aim was to produce a full length, 10-track demo. The result was a shocker. They managed to capture the true essence of Krim, producing an album portraying the bands soul in vivid detail. The result wasn’t long coming – later that year Krim signed a record contract. Sadly – due to a series of events in no way related to Krim - the label went belly up shortly thereafter.

However, the Krim saga didn’t end in despair.

After receiving a Krim CD at the end of 1999, a new internet based publishing company called, was urging the band to head for Stockholm in order to sign a contract.

“ We where rehearsing for about seven days a week at that point. The small town depression where choking us, the only way for us to escape it, was to play. When popwire came about, nothing else part from our music mattered, we where desperate to leave town and popwire handed us the ticket out.

In 2000 Krim, financed by popwire went overseas for a gig at the legendary CBGB`S (NY). Later that year they appeared in a TV show “London Calling” which was shot and recorded at Brixton Academy (LONDON). Things were looking good for Krim, they were now attracting growing interest from numerous record labels around the world – including Germany and the US. While Popwire turned out to be a short-lived story –shutting down offices everywhere heading for bankruptcy in 2001. Krim moved on signing a record deal with Corruption Records, based in Stockholm (SWEDEN).

Today, Krim is fine-tuning the very last parts of their debut CD which is soon to be released – and believe me, this is one record you don’t wanna miss…

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