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We Never Stop The Progress (Live)
Starters Point (live)
The Suns Light (live)
Starters Point
The Man Upstairs
The Gap 1929
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This Montreal native foursome was formed on August 22nd 2002. Pushed by their artistic souls, originality and simplicity, the concern for details prevails over all their creative process and makes LEAVE a band of its time. Before the creation of the group, each member had accumulated various musical experiences with philharmonic orchestras and jazz bands. The Beatles, Oasis, Pink Floyd and Coldplay have been, and still are, a great source of influence for the members of the band. They quickly started to compose new material, which is very close to their personal preoccupations and includes messages they want to share with society. Serious and professional about their music, the members of LEAVE came together very quickly with their love for good melody. LEAVE's warm and intelligent music is a refreshing source of inspiration for all rock fans. With their well crafted sound, LEAVE has set a goal to help society rediscover the taste for rock music.

Leave is aware of the importance of creation and innovation in today's society. Thanks to the influence of legendary and contemporary groups, LEAVE supports their artistic orientation on the value of the melody in their compositions and the development of an exclusive acoustic. In our materialistic and individualistic society, LEAVE tries to promote the importance of creation, art and the concern for details. It is the gathering characteristics of music that inspires the band, bringing them in a constant attempt to reach someone, putting aside age, the origin or the religion of those listening. Art is what should come first when music is being created.
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