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Fallen From The Nest  
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"F.F.T.N. is Dallas' premier hard alternative rock band." - Robert Miguel (97.1 KEGL 'The Eagle'--a Clearchannel station)

As one of Dallas' thriving rock ensembles, Fallen From The Nest is at the forefront of talent in their genre of guitar-driven alternative rock.

Receiving much success and critical acclaim from their national debut "grow." (2003, BPL Records), FFTN has spent the last year touring to promote the album and introduce themselves to new audiences across the nation.

Since the band's initiation in 1997, they have amassed a sizable collection of news articles, radio interviews, and airplay in and around Dallas, TX, including several Clearchannel radio stations and a cover story in Harder Beat Magazine. With so much support, Fallen From The Nest cannot help but make their presence known.

This youthful foursome received several nominations in the annual Dallas Music Awards (Best Alternative Rock Band - 2003, Best Alternative Rock Album - 2003, Best New Artist - 2001) and WON Best Acoustic Performance in 2003.

FFTN's progressive and distinctive sound has deemed them worthy of success in the eyes of many 'industry' reps - but the overwhelming response from the audience who never miss a word or beat is evidence alone that great things are happening for the band.

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