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04. Man On A Mission
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1 Give Me The Weekend EP
50LEAVES are a formation of two separate initiatives. College band ‘Inhibition’ found themselves struggling to write material, despite their comprehensive experience with their instruments. Over the course of nearly 2 years they honed their talents as a solid musical working unit.

Alessandro Lima on lead guitar, Tom Holmes on bass, and Danny Moss on drums. However lacking the drive and structure that comes with a front man, the band struggled in the studio, ending up with 2 hour jams rather than material

Enter Liam Manton, gigging solo artist, recommended as artist of the month by the Bandwagon club website in Liverpool, Liam had all the makings of a great solo artist, however seeking a band, as opposed to a solo career, Liam hooked up with Bassist Tom Holmes through a friend of a friend and soon found their love for gritty, Indy-Rock N’ Roll and their respective situations, each lacking a fundamental part for their careers, an initial rehearsal seemed inevitable.

The finer members of Inhibition found their style suited perfectly with the whispy rock n roll voice of Liam, and in one 3-hour session after jamming out around a dozen tunes successfully, it seemed ideal that they became a band, Liam suggesting the name 50LEAVES.

Now 50LEAVES have finished recording the debut demo EP "Give Me The Weekend" and aim to use the material recorded to cement a relationship with a reliable manager. The General mood amongst the band & our small but faithful following is that; “This could be the start of something big”

So as the story goes... 'av it!!
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