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Somebody Else's Nightmare  
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Destination Nowhere
Yard Full of Joes
Worker Bees
Strength And Kindness
The Light Will Shopw The Way
Generic Happy Song
Snake Hair
Lonely Town
Again dawn
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1 Strength and Kindness
Hello - Ive been a session player most of my musical life, and have now released my first CD - I am at the early stages of getting it heard and thought I might ask you to take a listen and give me your opinion. I have worked as a bassist with Eddie Harris, Paul Horn and others, have written and arranged for various musicians, bands and various live music groups (like circuses and sports). 

I put a band together using local musicians from my new town of Sonoma Ca, and the CD Strength and Kindness contains music written about Bees, about Lonely Towns, and about the Light showing you the Way. Jazz with a light straight 8 beat - quirky, positive and fun. Some have lyrics, some do not.
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