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Jessica Delfino  
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Who Took A Shit In The Grand Piano?
My Experiences Riding A Bicycle Around NYC
Hipster (The Gentrification Song)
Dophins Rape People
The Trials and Tribulations of Pregnant Women In America
Spiders And Rain
Pressing Questions, Some Political In Nature
Life Keeps Fucking Me In The Ass
Women Make The World Go Round
Jewish Boys
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1 Songs To Make War To: 14 Anarchist Anthems For The Whole Family
Jessica Delfino lives in NYC where she writes and performs catchy songs about world important topics, such as vaginas and dolphin rape. Her style is comedic / political / feminist, often ribald and sometimes funny folk / pop / rock-y white girl rap. She's best known for a public denouncement by the US Catholic League, for her viral YouTube song about how vaginas are magical, playing the rape whistle in her act and for orchestrating shenanigans. For more gory details, visit

You might compare her in parts to acts like Peaches, Reggie Watts, Andrew W.K., Liz Phair or Katy Perry. Thurston Moore praised her first CD a few years ago in Arthur Magazine.

She just released her new (4th) CD, "Songs To Make War To: 14 Anarchist Anthems For The Whole Family", which features jams that delve into pressing issues such as America's hatred of women, worldwide gentrification and the aforementioned dolphin rape, which is a real thing that affects upwards of 14 people and countless porpoises per year. It also asks hard-hitting questions, like, "Who took a shit in the grand piano?" and features a track written for the Glamour Women of the Year Awards with lyrics by SNL Weekend Update and Late Night with Seth Myers head writer Alex Baze.

Here is the link to a free digital download of the CD:

She also created the Annual Funny Songs Comedy, Novelty and Parody Music Festival, the Comedy Musician's Coalition and performs at shows and events world wide. @JessicaDelfino
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