Mixed Messages
By titofelix from the album Character Flaw available now.
play time 04:27
bitrate 160
file size 5.1 MB
Genre: Alternative Rock
The artist says: 2003 titofelix. Written by M. Cordon. Simply put...have you ever fallen in love with your best friend and tried to tell them?
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poppakap (gave this song a 4) says:10/12/05 8:24 am
melodic and upbeat, but only moderately catchy.
fall0ut (gave this song a 5) says:12/31/03 5:10 am
I like it... So what if its a little popish, its still good. I;d have to say their other song "Uncomfortable" was a little better, but this is still good. Looking forward to hear more from them in the future.
MadatGravity89 (gave this song a 5) says:12/17/03 1:20 pm
Im not a poppy person eaither, but giving this song a 2 wouldnt be fair. Good stuff!