One Track Mind
By Scratcher
play time 04:13
bitrate 160
file size 4.83 MB
The artist says: It's 1979. Your about to play a day long festival at the sold out Cotton Bowl w/ Ted Nugent, Foreigner, Steve Miller and Fogaht. What song do you open the show with? That was our inspiration behind "One Track Mind".
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bignbad (gave this song a 3) says:08/06/06 8:48 pm
Not to be picky, but Ten N. didn't (and wouldn't) play the same bill as Foreigner (esp in 1979, before he became a Damn Wussy). Also, even in 1979, "you're" was the proper contraction for "you are" and "Foghat" was spelled like that. Yr song isn't bad tho.
poppakap (gave this song a 4) says:09/29/05 5:29 pm
Catchy song that could be better with harmonies in both vocals and guitar lines.