By Spirit Creek from the album Us Against The World available now.
play time 03:58
bitrate 192
file size 5.46 MB
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Powderface (gave this song a 5) says:11/17/05 10:07 am
Dis be da' bomb Mofo's ..... fashizzle. (honky translation: I find this particular piece of music quite pleasing to the ear! .......... are you down wit' 'dat, homes ? awwwight ? )
frontrowgirl (gave this song a 6) says:12/10/04 3:15 pm
...i generally don't dig the religious lyrics thing, but this song doesn't whack you over the head with it. just as important, it rocks. i just plain love be honest, this is the song that, last year or early this year, got me hooked on radio.wazee.
radiowazee (gave this song a 5) says:11/26/03 12:20 pm
[howard@wazee] LOVE THIS SONG ... these guys kick Creed\'s ASS! What a great lead singer ... if you dig powerful, deep-throaty vocals and songs with meaning this is the track for you!