By Golden Vanity from the album The Fog available now.
play time 03:15
bitrate 192
file size 4.47 MB
Genre: Indie
The artist says:
The artist has not yet written any comments about this song.
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Fern (gave this song a 5) says:08/19/06 9:48 am
Very strong vocals. Memorable for sure:)
BattleWrath (gave this song a 5) says:08/03/06 1:41 pm
Excellent song, stays in the head for awhile.
Ballkick (gave this song a 6) says:05/12/06 6:00 am
First off Jeremiah is the kind of guitar player I wish I was. Awsome chops dude. I really liked the effect of the vocal play- off between Josh and Leah tre' cool! Nice song,.......Next?