Playin' Me
By Seminole County from the album Seminole County.
play time 04:00
bitrate 160
file size 4.59 MB
Genre: Alternative Rock
The artist says:
The artist has not yet written any comments about this song.
4570 (585 complete)
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revenger (gave this song a 6) says:05/24/09 8:03 am
have been listening to it for years already but never got around to write any comment here ... seminole county playing me is definitely a very nice song :-)
don2718 (gave this song a 6) says:03/03/06 10:37 am
Man this song gets me. I get chills just running over the lyrics in my head. Gotta do a ratings bump from 5 -> 6. Wish I could tell you more about what it means to me, but that would be too... personal... for this forum anyway. But you should know that this song has touched me deeply.
jrock66 (gave this song a 6) says:01/27/06 11:04 pm
this song has some serious substance to it check it out.