Use me
By Plug In Baby
play time 03:05
bitrate 128
file size 2.84 MB
Genre: Rock
The artist says: This song is also an oldie for us. Is original title was Bring Me Down and back then it was a very slow almost sleepy song without much promise. Trust us, when we say this it's undergone some serious rewritting and rearranging since then. Now, we quite like it. Is upbeat and hooky and people tend to remember it easily at our shows.
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revenger (gave this song a 5) says:05/13/05 3:49 pm proud to be number one actually! :-)
revenger (gave this song a 5) says:04/22/05 12:55 pm
really good one!
Ballkick (gave this song a 5) says:04/14/05 7:19 am
I like it. It's got a good hook as you mentioned in the artist comments.