Am I?
By The Die Is Cast from the album Promo Disc available now.
play time 03:15
bitrate 192
file size 4.46 MB
Genre: Alternative Rock
The artist says:
The artist has not yet written any comments about this song.
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NukemanStan (gave this song a 4) says:11/21/04 1:47 pm
Very nice, I like the pace
Surge (gave this song a 4) says:11/07/04 11:57 pm
Vocals are a bit too country sounding. Its a pretty good song and deserves a few spins/
Ballkick (gave this song a 4) says:11/05/04 12:44 pm
Slightly above average song, will give it awhile to grow on me but I will give it asix out of ten.