Wazee Music Database Artist’s FAQ

Mike Baynton (mailto:wmd@wazee.org)




I try to add a new artist to the database, but it just takes me back to the same page when I click Continue.

This occurs if your web browser is not accepting cookies from Radio.Wazee. To solve this problem in Internet Explorer:

To solve this problem in Mozilla Firefox:

These cookies only identify your computer to us for the duration of your visit to our website.

I’ve already made an entry, but it says my password is wrong when I try to sign in.

First, check that your browser is accepting our cookies (see above item.)

If you are signing into an account that has not yet been approved:

It is possible your account was deleted. To determine if your account still exists, request an email containing your password. If you get an email, you can sign in using the username and password included in it. If you get an error, your account was deleted – see the item on delayed approvals and deletions.

If you are signing into an account that has been approved:

All of these questions have turned out to be simple typos, etc, but it is an FAQ nonetheless. You may want to verify that you are entering the proper information by requesting an email containing your password.

Where do I go to upload da music?

After you have created an entry for your band (or signed in) you will be taken to a page where you can enter your band’s info. Click the Edit Music link in the left column on that page.

Will I get on Wazee’s playlist?

If you upload music to the WMD and it is approved, we guarantee it will be considered for inclusion in Radio.Wazee’s broadcast. At the end of the day, your music’s gotta do it for Howard, the station’s owner, for it to be added to the playlist. See our airplay page for more info.

What bitrate should I use when sending files to wazee?

We leave this entirely up to you. Most artists provide good-quality recordings of 128kbps or better, but if you just want to provide more of a sample, much lower bitrates are cool too. Also keep in mind that complete songs are not required – you can upload short demos as well. The music is yours, after all, it should be your decision.

I’ve made an entry days ago and it hasn’t been approved. What’s wrong?

Entries that meet the requirements for approval (either a substantial bio or music to download) are usually approved within 24 hours. If your entry does not meet the requirements it will be left unapproved for several days and then be deleted if it still is incomplete. On rare occasions, an entry that meets the requirements is not approved because the submitted material does not show enough evidence of quality or effort, or contains illegal mp3 files. These entries are deleted.

I have a song on CD, how do I make it an mp3 so I can send it to Wazee?

There are many programs designed specifically for this task. Radio.Wazee recommends the free program CDex (official website,) especially for beginners.

The following are step-by-step instructions that will allow you to digitally copy (“rip”) any CD without copy-protection into an MP3 on a Windows computer. Please do not copy music illegally.

1.      Install the CDex software by saving this file to a convenient location on your computer and then running it. When you run it, a simple installer will come up. All the default options are fine, so you can just click next until it is complete.

2.      Start the CDex software. By default, an icon will be created on your desktop and in the start menu.

3.      If you get an error message, “Failed to load the wnaspi32.dll driver! Load a native driver instead?” click Yes.

4.      Insert your audio CD into your computer’s CD-ROM.

5.      Click the Convert menu, and then click Extract CD track(s) to a Compressed Audio File. Your computer will read all the audio tracks from the CD and turn them into 128kbps mp3’s.

6.      By default on a Windows XP computer, the mp3 files will be stored in the “My Music” folder in a subfolder called MP3. You can view and change these settings by clicking the Options menu, clicking Settings, and then clicking the Filenames tab.


WMD artist’s FAQ last updated 8/28/04.

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