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April 14, 2002

After the runaway success of their single "How You Remind Me," and then "Too Bad," Canadian band Nickelback is rockin’ the spotlight this week with "Yanking Out My Heart," also from their latest album "Silver Side Up."

With influences that bring to mind everything from Led Zeppelin to Creed, Nickelback formed in Vancouver in 1996, with brothers Mike and Chad Kroeger on lead vocals/guitar and bass, respectively. The Kroegers’ cousin Brandon handled drums and longtime friend Ryan Peake was on guitar duties. Chad wrote the lyrics, while all four members collaborated on the music. Their first two outings, a seven song demo "Hesher" (a title derived from slurring the phrase "Hey, sure") and their full-length debut "Curb," were well received in Nickelback’s native Canada and the band toured ceaselessly to support them. Nickelback later burned through six drummers, finally clicking with Ryan Vikedal, an old friend of Peake's.

Mike Kroeger says Nickelback got their name thanks to his employment at Starbucks Coffee at the time the band was forming. "We couldn't decide what to call ourselves and after recording our first songs, we still didn't have a name. I was working as a cashier at Starbucks Coffee and let's just say... coffee was $1.45," he says.

Released in March of 2000, Nickelback's "The State" did well in Canada, with both "Breathe" and "Leader of Men" going Top 10 on the Mainstream Rock charts and "Old Enough" hitting Top 20 in the format. The band toured ceaselessly behind "The State" and 200 shows later, the band had gone from virtual unknowns to playing in front of over a million people alongside the likes of Creed, 3 Doors Down, and Fuel, among others.

To record "Silver Side Up," Nickelback decided to work with veteran rock producer Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog). Recorded at the same studio as "The State," Vancouver's prestigious Green House studio, the quartet whipped through the recording of the album in five short weeks. After wrapping up, they handed the finished thirteen tracks over to Randy Staub (Metallica, U2) for mixing at The Armory.

No matter how big Nickelback gets though, their philosophy remains simple: "We just like writing good songs with good melodies that you'll sing at our shows and remember when you walk away," says Peake.

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