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Jane's Addiction
November 2003

Iconic rockers Jane's Addiction are back in 2003 with their first all-new album in more than a decade, "Strays." Driven as always by their flamboyant frontman Perry Farrell and backed by guitarist Dave Navarro, drummer Stephen Perkins and new bassist Chris Chaney, Jane's Addiction with their rock balled "Suffer Some" make it into the radio.wazee Spotlight this week.

"It's been a process like making wine," says Farrell of the band's return, "As a team we are stronger than ever. The objectives we have to work with are much greater. And there's a necessity ­ the world is more desperate, so in a bizarre way, it's more exciting, and much more challenging." The band that exploded out of Los Angeles' gritty music scene of the mid-'80s is currently on tour in the U.K. For complete tour dates and information be sure to check out their official website at

Jane's Addiction's new material follows on where their international smash album "Ritual De Lo Habitual" left off. After numerous relapses and shattered reunions, the band is now mentally clean and physically reconnected for their 2003 reunion; and the new 'Janes' are healthier and more determined to change the world. Says Farrell: "Our scope is a lot wider now. We're still on the road, but it's no longer about 'What can I do tonight?' It's more like, 'What can I do with the entire world tomorrow?'"

"I think the celebrations are bigger now," says drummer Perkins. "We're married and have kids. You can take those kinds of great victories into the music, and you don't have to party all night to get there anymore."

Says the all-grown-up and more conscious Farrell: "When you get to be a father, then you come to realize that the earth is yours for the moment. You've rented it from your kid. And you've gotta prepare it, kind of like you're making a birthday party. You're setting things up, making sure the trees are right, making sure there's real great grass. The scope is real wide. You can still party, man. But you just gotta make sure to keep the ocean blue." Jane's Addiction's latest single "Suffer Some" follows the huge global success of the new album's lead single "Just Because."

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