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June 2003

Alternately hailed as avant-garde electronica geniuses and two guys in Adam Ant make up ripping off Gary Numan, the duo Fischerspooner are undeniably the current darlings of the electro-clash universe. They are in the Rock Express Spotlight this week with "Emerge," from their debut album "#1" on Capitol Records.

One half of Fischerspooner, Warren Fischer, was born in Los Angeles, California to an opera singer and a psychologist and he spent much of his youth performing as a violinist. Fischer later transferred out of the University of Wisconsin's engineering program to pursue music and headed to the Art Institute of Chicago in 1990, where in a video arts class he met Casey Spooner.

Spooner was born to a visual arts teacher in Athens, Georgia. After dropping out of the University of Georgia, he headed to the aforementioned Art Institute of Chicago, where he fell in with an experimental theatrical group, met Fischer and started writing lyrics for his fledgling band, Table. He became disenchanted with the insular and elitist art scene in Chicago and in 1998 headed for New York with Fischer. Fischerspooner made their first performance as a two-person lo-fi electro-pop outfit in a New York Starbucks. By 2000, Fischerspooner was the buzz band of downtown Manhattan, and there are now regularly up to 20 people on stage (sometimes more), including dancers and performance artists -- and not one of them is Fischer (who has of late adopted a more backroom approach).

Fischerspooner released their self-titled debut in 2000, which spawned the underground hit single "Emerge," and in 2002 they remixed and re-released the debut as "#1." However, when asked how it all started, Fischerspooner keep themselves entertained by never giving the same answer. "I just start to dream about what could be the most exciting and bizarre thing that you could say, relative to that topic," says Fischer. "So it kind of becomes a challenge. Like the time we talked about the time we met at M.I.T. - how we were programmers and we hired a marketing team to find electro as a style of music and we'd bring in stylists to create the image and it's an experiment."

Fischerspooner took home the Best Remix award at the 2003 Dancestar U.S.A. awards, held in Miami Beach, Florida, thanks to their brilliant remix of Kylie Minogue's smash hit "Come Into My World." The official web site,, heaped praise on the duo, writing, "Fischerspooner have re-energized the electronic world with a powerful debut album and this remix of Kylie Minogue says everything about where the future lies for dance music."

The group nearly turned down the job, though, because Fischer was so nervous about doing it. "We're big fans of 'super pop.' Since [Fischer] had never done a remix he was really concerned he was gonna do a bad job," says Spooner. "I think it came off great - apparently Kylie likes it."


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