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Broken [Radio Vers.]
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November 2003

Straight out of Arkansas, U.S.A., 2003 break-out rockers Evanescence make it into our radio.wazee Spotlight this week with their brand new single "My Immortal" off their smash Wind-Up Records debut album "Fallen."

Their enchanting major label debut was produced in Los Angeles by Dave Fortman (former Ugly Kid Joe guitarist) and their first single was prominently featured in the high-profile blockbuster film "Daredevil." This talented quartet from Little Rock combines the talents of Amy Lee (vocals), Ben Moody (guitar), John LeCompt (guitar), and Rocky Gray (drums).

Co-founders Lee and Moody first met at a junior high summer camp, where Moody was so totally blown away by Lee's piano rendition of Meat Loaf's "I'd Do Anything For Love" that he asked her to be in a band with him. The pair instantly clicked as "songwriting soulmates," both influenced by artists like Björk, Tori Amos and Danny Elfman as well as classical and grunge music.

Says Moody: "We have the same exact vision regarding what we love about music. When it comes to songwriting, we finish each other's thoughts." Says Amy Lee of the group: "We're definitely a rock band. But the twist is that the band's music is epic, dramatic, dark rock."

The group first took shape in the late '90s and started releasing EPs of their material before landing a major record deal with Wind-Up Records. LeCompt and Gray were added to the lineup, and the rest is history. Says Moody: "As a four-piece, we are able to carry out the intricate harmonies and orchestrations of the memorable material on 'Fallen.' We're very sincere about what we do. There's so much pre-packaged teen angst these days in music. That's not us. We're not trying to sell an angle, we're just here writing from our heart."

The band is currently busy touring the globe. From now until the end of January they will be performing everywhere from Glasgow to Mexico City, Tokyo and Sydney. Some of their shows will be alongside Finger Eleven, Seether and Godhead. For all things Evanescence and for more precise concert dates from the busy band, be sure to check out their official webpage at

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