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December 2003

Envy is suffering from an 'Identity Crisis'; it's a statement that falls in the realm of both fact and fiction. Judging by the genre-bending songs offered up by the Wisconsin quintet, one could easily say that the band is unsure of it's identity. But Envy knows exactly what it is, and they're not going to tell you.

The band's whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. Each member contributes their own special quality to the band.

Fronting the band is Amanda Tvedt. After being told in high school that "her voice wouldn't get her anywhere" by her choir teacher, Amanda has been on a mission to prove him wrong. During that mission she has been able to overcome her own demons and channel her energy and passion for life to the stage. After battling stage fright during the band's conception, Tvedt is now able to command the stage just as good as anyone...and she's still getting better. And, with a virtually endless book of life experiences, Amanda has a lot to draw from lyrically.

However, much of Envy's music starts with guitarist Jaek Pachniak. It starts with the music and a melody. After some time, trial, and error, he produces a complete song on his guitar. When it comes to lyrics, Jaek tends to draw from the events in other people's lives to verbalize his musical language. "I believe that, in most cases, it doesn't matter what the song means to the writer," says Pachniak, "The only thing that matters is if the listener can relate to the song and take meaning from it. There's no 'right' or 'wrong'."

Envy's other guitarist, Dan Faherty provides a great deal of technical knowledge along with his orgasm inducing guitar solos. Essentially faced with two jobs, Faherty mixes all of Envy's smaller shows onstage while playing. He maintains and repairs most of Envy's gear by himself. Faherty also owns the famed "Envy Van".

Drummer Dan Moris really shines in the live setting where his concentration and intensity behind the drum set is clearly evident to anyone in attendance. With his arms flying ever so high in the air and his legs pumping as if he was running a marathon, Dan leaves it all on the stage during a performance. Offstage, Moris works hard at promoting the band through the web and through the people he is in contact with.

The newest face in Envy is bassist Kris Klassy who joined the band in the fall of 2003. Klassy is Envy's third bassist in less than a year, and he hopes to be their last.

Over the past couple years, the band has truly become a family unit that has seen it's share of joy and conflict. But through it all it has only made them stronger. The members of Envy are their own biggest fans. They are in love with the music that they create...and they can only hope that you love it too.

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