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Drawing Boxes
Feb 2004

The scene is the Sun Coast Casino in Vegas, 11 PM on a Tuesday night ... I've been kidnapped by rock stars and taken to a jam-packed farewell performance of the 80s hair-metal cover band of all 80s hair-metal cover bands, Metal Shop (

I spent the earlier part of the evening talking shit at a local sushi joint with Jeff "the mayor of Vegas" from, Austin from Clockwise, and Shaun and Justin from Drawing Boxes (you know them as Race to Red, a longtime wazee favorite!)... Shaun, the band's frontman, tells us that tonight - yes this night of all nights - is the LAST night to catch Metal Shop in Vegas. So, Chris and I hop in Jeff's new 150 and off we go.

On the ride over to the Sun Coast we slide the new Drawing Boxes disc into the CD player ... the king cab is filled with a sound so fresh, so powerful and so intelligent ... I've played Race to Red on wazee since the fall of 2002 -- I knew Shaun had some talent, but this latest CD proves it!

We're parked in the Sun Coast lot ... we let Bleeding Colors wind down before heading off to our certain-to-be historic heavy metal destiny.

We wind our way through the cheesiest of casinos and meet back up with Shaun, Justin and Austin ... they're demanding shots -- of single malt! On the way we ran into Jager Rob (staff writer for LocalMusicScenes and suspected CIA agent). He's carrying around a bottle of gatorade, and he scares me. Jeff tells me he scares everybody.

We descend into the lounge...

"Hey, can I get a Kettle One and Tonic over here!!", I shout over the din of the local Vegas crowd of closet glam-rock freaks (and some not so in-the-closet ... yikes! check out that mullet!). Cocktail service in Vegas showrooms - especially in sucky joints like the Sun Coast - is notoriously bad, and this is no exception. Good thing Jeff hooked us up with a couple rounds at the casino bar.

Lights, fog machines, leaf blowers (for the big hair-solo) .... It's METAL SHHHHHHHHOPPPPPP!!!

We bang our heads to some awesome covers of Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Poison and a bunch of other nondescript icons of the hair-metal age ... I seem to be the only person in our group who actually knows ALL the words to the songs ... and these guys call themselves rock stars!

Our table is joined by some members of The Higher (formerly called September Star) and Magna-Fi. Drawing Boxes' drummer, Johnny and guitarist, Christian, drop in for the ride ... its all my buddy Chris and I can muster not to pester Johnny about the airplane scene in "Almost Famous" - my favorite movie!

Johnny played the band's drummer in the movie, a fact that Chris and I think is really cool. The local guys don't make a big deal of it, but I know they think its cool too. They're just too cool to let on that they think its cool!

Rock on Johnny!

All night Jeff introduces me to everyone...
..... "you know radio wazee man",
..... "yeah man",
..... "this is the guy, this is Howard",
..... "awww, cool!!"

All the bands I m eet have nothing but words of appreciation for helping spread the word about indie music, and promoting their tunes. Hearing first hand how tough it is to break into a major label deal these days causes me to really understand the role wazee is playing in helping these guys achieve their dream.

That makes me happy ... Throughout the night Shaun tells me how genuinely cool it is to have been ontacted by so many fans from wazee. Jeff interjects, he tells me about this "grexican" guy who's bought a bunch of albums and keeps up with the bands, and how cool that is.

The guys I met in Vegas were among the most dedicated, professional and talented musicians I've ever had the privledge to hang out with. And Drawing Boxes is among the very best of the bunch!

These guys are busting their asses to live the dream. Gone are the days of record execs that actually "discover" new talent. Like all indie bands these days, Drawing Boxes are funding their own development, hoping the labels will jump in someday after they've proven themselves in the trenches of the local clubs.

In spite of the financial pressures, and complete bogusness of do-it-yourself promotion, Drawing Boxes has kicked out a self-titled CD that blows the doors off any major label rock act I've heard in a LONG while (and I hear them all!).

Shaun's lyrical and vocal talent is really just amazing and is ALL OVER this album. The band's musical artistry is the perfect accompaniment. Johnny's drums are stellar and provide just the right kick along with Dan's bass to give the album a powerful vibe. Justin and Christian lay down some truly baddass guitar work ... awesome backdrops and solos create sweet melody and in your face leads timed just perfectly to the feel of each verse of each song!

Keep an eye (ear) out for these guys in the wazee playlist ... and, when they come to your town be sure to drop in and support 'em! You won't be disappointed!

Check out the band's website at

Howard @ radio.wazee

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