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Bowling For Soup
June 2, 2002

Punky power pop outfit Bowling For Soup was formed in 1994 in Wichita Falls, TX, featuring lead vocalist/guitarist Jaret Reddick, guitarist/vocalist Chris Burney, bassist Erik Chandler, and drummer Gary Wiseman. The group really began to jell in 1997 when a heavy touring schedule helped broaden their fan base and landed them opening spots for nationally prominent punk and ska bands. The following year, they recorded a debut EP for the local FFROE label, titled Tell Me When to Whoa!; by now, their base of operations had been moved to Denton, TX, the site of the label's headquarters as well. Later in 1998, Bowling for Soup issued its first full-length album, Rock on Honorable Ones!!!; both it and its predecessor proved popular around the state and the band ended up scoring a deal with Jive/Silvertone. For their 2000 major-label debut, Let's Do It for Johnny!, Bowling for Soup re-recorded some of the best songs from their indie records and added a few new tracks, including lead single "The Bitch Song" and a cover of Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69." — Steve Huey, All Music Guide

From the band's website: Once upon a time, young Jaret Von Erich was using–though some might say wasting!–his considerable vocal and songwriting skills in a death metal band in Wichita Falls, Texas. That is, until one fine morning in 1994 when a thoughtful Von Erich awoke, stretched, and realized: "I want to start a band that's happy. Wouldn't it be cool to see a band and leave the club singing their songs, smiling and in a good mood?" After all, Von Erich, a former toy shop owner nurtured on Tammy Wynette, Sha Na Na, REO Speedwagon, Van Halen and Ozzy Osbourne, was a happy guy. Thus, BOWLING FOR SOUP was born. The group's first rehearsal was June 4, 1994, the first show, July 3, and BOWLING FOR SOUP's self-titled debut, on their own Queso (si, it's Espanol for cheese) Records, hit in September of that same year. The genial pop-punksters had modest, but instantly realized goals: to write spirited, honest, sing-along songs, utilize their strong vocals and harmonies, and, in the words of Spinal Tap, "have a good time, all the time." In the new Millennium, BOWLING FOR SOUP's goals remain the same–and on the quartet's engaging Jive/Silvertone Records debut, "Let's Do It For Johnny," with its infectious first single, "The Bitch Song," those goals–and much more–are accomplished.

Or, as founding member Christopher Van Malmsteen notes: "The world is our playground. I’m a kid who can’t grow up and this is the perfect band for that." Given that radio jumped on "The Bitch Song" before its official add date, a lot of folks are finding BOWLING FOR SOUP "perfect." The 13-song album that takes its name from the Francis Ford Coppola flick The Outsiders is the culmination of years of touring in an '82 Dodge, and show-stealing at gigs with bands as diverse as Blink 182, Sammy Hagar, Stabbing Westward and Less Than Jake. Several "Let's Do It For Johnny" tracks, such as "Belgium," "Scope" and "The Bitch Song" (remixed by Matt Wallace of Everlast and Faith No More fame), were re-done from previous BFS albums including "Tell Me When to Whoa!" and "Rock On Honorable Ones." Others, like "Pictures He Drew," which lyricaly tackles a painful true story, are brand-new compositions. And of course, "Summer of '69" is a creative cover of the hit written by Canadian treasure Bryan Adams. Additionally, the band has penned a new song, "The Greatest Day," for a new Tiger Woods video game

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