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Bob Schneider
Jan 2002

Austin music scene fixture Bob Schneider is in the radio.wazee spotlight this week with the latest offering from his Universal album "Lonelyland," "Big Blue Sea."

Schneider was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan, but grew up in Germany, the son of an American opera singer. He was taught guitar and piano at an early age, and showed promise as an illustrator as early as 5.

After graduating from high school, he attended an American university in Munich, and then the University of Texas at El Paso where he majored in fine arts. However, he soon dropped out, and moved to Austin to pursue a career in music. The first band he fronted was the funk-and-rap outfit Joe Rockhead. The band independently released three albums before disbanding immediately prior to signing with a major label. A stint with a jamming, Phish-y outfit called the Ugly Americans followed (which experienced some success as an opening act for the Dave Matthews Band and Horde) and the group released two CDs under Capricorn Records. After releasing themselves from their recording contract in 1997, the band became known as the Scabs, where Schneider made a further name for himself as a crotch-grabbing front man. The Scabs released three full-length CDs and one E.P., and still perform today as one of the most popular dance bands in all of Texas.

In 1999, Schneider became a solo act, though performing at first under the band name Lonelyland. He went on to sweep the 2000 Austin Music Awards by being named Musician of the Year, Best Male Vocalist, Best Songwriter and Band of the Year. Schneider released three solo albums independently, "Lonelyland" being the second. It was picked up by Universal and came out in March, 2001.

Schneider is on a tour of Texas through the end of the year. You'll hear his newest single, "Big Blue Sea"

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