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Jan 2003

The cosmic joining of two of the greatest rock bands of the'90s created Audioslave, a musical entity for the new millennium. After the commercial and critical success of their first single, "Cochise," the super-band is in the radio.wazee spotlight with the follow-up, "Like A Stone," from their self-titled debut record on Epic.

When Zack de la Rocha left Rage Against the Machine in October 2000, the band's future dynamic was obviously in question. In early 2001 rumors swirled about the future of the band, and Rage guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk were auditioning B-Real in Los Angeles. The remaining Rage members had nothing but praise for the Cypress Hill rapper, but they wanted someone who sounded nothing like Zack de la Rocha.

Chris Cornell, lead singer of now-defunct 'Seattle sound' posterboys Soundgarden, was simultaneously writing his second solo album in Seattle. Cornell had met Morello a few times over the years and even once talked about singing on a Morello solo album that never got off the ground. He had been courted by other bands but never considered joining another group until he received a call from music mogul and super-producer Rick Rubin. Among Rubin's list of groundbreaking and landmark projects, Rubin produced Rage's final release, the covers album "Renegades." He saw a magical collaboration in the making between Cornell's introspective material and Rage's take on world issues and he set up a jam session in May 2001.

Cornell says he was stunned by the musicianship he heard. "I just thought, 'I am lucky. I get to be the singer in this band if I get up there and I am good.' So I decided to be good."

"It didn't just sound good," says Morello. "It didn't sound great. It sounded transcendent."

Cornell got the gig, and after a few months together, Audioslave (their first choice for a name, 'Civilian,' was taken) declared themselves a band and signed up to headline Ozzfest.

But as quickly as they had come together, the plan seemed to fall apart. Just four days after the Ozzfest announcement, Cornell quit Audioslave, only to rejoin six months later. The band won't go into detail about the split, except to say it had nothing to do with each other and everything to do with their quarreling managers.

The band played their first-ever concert dates overseas in January, and will tour the United States beginning February 21st in Denver, Colorado and wrapping up March 22nd in Seattle, Washington.

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