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Broken [Radio Vers.]
by 12 Stones
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7th Standard
April 2003

From the band's website...

7th Standard formed in 1996 with core members Mike Hernandez (playing bass), Andy Dibben (on drums) and myself, Jason Mahon (vocals and guitar). We started out playing our version of gritty, raw pop rock and playing local shows with bands around here called Simon Says, Papa Roach, and Leisure to name a few.

Since we were always a 3 piece rock band, we always kept in mind the idea of a second guitar player to thicken up the sound and make it a little easier for me. We went through a handful of them, but somehow in the end, it just worked perfectly as us 3.

7th Standard had the wonderful opportunity to put out 3 independent cd's thanks to Janet Zotovich and local promoters Abstract Entertainment. The first cd being self titled included 6 songs and was our first attempt at tracking anything. The result was a fresh sounding, fuzzy rock record that we were definitely proud of. A few months later we were back in the studio to record a full length album with a handful of old songs that didn't make the EP, along with some new ones."In Orbit Around Us"was released it in November 1999 on Abstract's label Ultraphonic Noise.

The following summer of 2000, we went back to the studio once more to do a follow up EP to our most recognized and most popular cd to date. The songs we had at the time were quite a bit different from the previous record. We seemed to be a little concerned about how much our fans would like it but just concentrated on doing our best and putting it out as fast as we could to keep our momentum rolling. We released Fire From the Sky, also on Ultraphonic Noise in October of 2000 and it proved to be a success as well.

Since the release of "Fire From the Sky" we have acquired a new guitar player named Dan Camacho who joined the band in September of 2001, and we are all writing a new record to be released sometime later this year. So keep your eyes peeled people!

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