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Hawthorne Heights
One of the first "signed" acts to hit the wazee music db, we've got HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS in the Spotlight to celebrate the re-issue release of "The Silence Of Black and White" on Victory Records that hits stores on May 17, 2005. The band originally recorded the album in February/March of 2004. Eron Bucciarelli (drums): "[the record] contains songs of frustration, personal growth and evolution. Musically, it tests the limitations of the "post-hardcore" and "screamo" music genres, adding deeper and darker subtleties." Included in the re-release are a number of rare, studio acoustic performances -- including a live rendition of wazee-favorite "Ohio Is For Lovers".

The roots of New York's Interpol can be traced back to a partnership between Daniel Kessler (guitar, vocals) and a fellow New York University student named Greg Drudy (drums). Kessler struck up a friendship with another NYU student, Carlos Dengler, who had previously played guitar and felt like becoming involved with music for a second time.

Strung Out
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The Black Maria
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The Killers
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